International Conference ICSITech, Yogyakarta 27-28 Oktober 2015

Tanggal 27-28 Oktober yang lalu, berlangsung kegiatan Internasional Conference ICSITech 2015, yang diselenggarakan di Hotel EastParc Yogyakarta, kegiatan ini dihadiri oleh para akademisi dan praktisi baik dari dalam dan luar negeri, tercatat total 66 accepted paper. Mengutip dari Official Site “ICSITech 2015′s conference application has been approved by IEEE for Technical co-sponshored with the conference no 35378, for call for paper/coference detail in IEEE website visit the URL : The papers accepted and presented will be forwarding for consideration to be published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Pada acara ini Dosen Teknik Informatika Universitas Lampung mempresentasikan 3 judul paper, yaitu;

  • Gigih F N, M Komarudin, HD Septama, “Performance Analysis of ArubaTM Wireless Local Area Network Lampung University”.
  • Gigih F N, M.Ulvan, A. Ulvan, A M Hanafi, “Design and Implementation of Web-Based Geographic Information System for Public Services in Bandar Lampung City – Indonesia”.
  • HD Septama, A. Ulvan, R. Bestak, Gigih F N, M. Ulvan, “Dynamic Tunnel Switching using Network Functions Virtualization for HA System Failover”.

ICSITech 2015

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